At the time of project planning question arises what technology to use. The choice of technology depends on how much it will be difficult to find qualified employees.

In any project there is always a risk of having a problem of recruiting qualified staff. We think this is a very professional and foresight to consider the probability of occurrence this risk before the project, but not as often happens in the course of the project.

Not long ago we had a potential project and the choice of technology has become very important. During project development, we prefer the Ruby language, framework Ruby on Rails (RoR), but the customer the impression that professionals working with Ruby is very small and if necessary, they will be very difficult to find them, so the customer would prefer PHP.

Due to fears of customers, we have prepared some statistics which reflects in the development of software and technology compares the labor market. These statistics will allow you to quantify the difficulty of finding staff in the event of such a necessity.

How was research

In the case of development in PHP in any case it requires a specialist not in native PHP and a specialist in dealing with this or that framework. Using statistics have been identified 8 most popular PHP framework, then it was determined the number of resume experts for each of the frameworks for the three sites for job search: work.ua, rabota.ua, hh.ua. Selection criteria:

  • Published CV - 03.24.2016 - 04.23.2016
  • Targeting - Ukraine.

Selection of frameworks for comparison

Frameworks 01


Comparison of popular frameworks

Results Work.ua

Number of CV
03.24.2016 - 04.23.2016
codeigniter 89
yii2 84
laravel 82
ruby on rails 66
zend framework 2 47
symfony 2 33
yii1 6
nette 0
phpixie 0

Results Hh.ua

Number of CV
03.24.2016 - 04.23.2016
ruby on rails 45
yii2 28
laravel 27
codeigniter 27
symfony 2 18
zend framework 2 15
yii1 3
nette 0
phpixie 0

Results Rabota.ua

Number of CV
03.24.2016 - 04.23.2016
ruby on rails 36
yii2 36
laravel 29
codeigniter 22
zend framework 2 11
symfony 2 9
yii1 1
nette 0
phpixie 0

Overall stats

work.ua hh.ua rabota.ua
Number of CV 03.24.2016 - 04.23.2016 Number of CV 03.24.2016 - 04.23.2016 Number of CV 03.24.2016 - 04.23.2016 Sum
yii2 84 28 36 148
ruby on rails 66 45 36 147
laravel 82 27 29 138
codeigniter 89 27 22 138
zend framework 2 47 15 11 73
symfony 2 33 18 9 60
yii1 6 3 1 10
nette 0 0 0 0
phpixie 0 0 0 0


The largest number of cv over the last month: yii2 - 148 (~ 21%), the number of cv ruby on reils - 147 (~ 21%).

Based on the data we can conclude that the issue of human resources is not an advantage to choose PHP, and in most cases even the contrary Ruby gets the advantage in this aspect. Plus subjective (because they did not conduct research) based on the popular opinion, professional staff using RoR higher because of the high threshold of entry and other aspects, and speed up development. As development costs can only say that the professional staff are in the first and in the second case expensive.

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Volodimyr Dziuman

Senor planner Project management lead

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