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Our ethos is simple: To build high-quality new homes.

01 about the project

Current system is represented as a new advertising space. The internet service providers can join this project and provide the opportunity for the advertisers to put the advertisements in the internet providers network. A user is shown the advertisements before the one goes to the required page on the Internet for the first time in a day.

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The advertising pages can be presented in different formats such as image, video, web pages and even complete web sites… When the user types an address in URL bar or clicks through the link - the one is redirected by the system to the advertising page, where the one can explore the given advertisements. Then, the user can go to an advertising provider web site, using the navigation at the top, or skip the advertisements. If the user presses the “skip” button – the one is directed by the system to the required web page.

02 functionality

The system has 4 types of users each of which has its own set for work


  • Advertising campaign creation and management
  • Targeting adjustment
  • Personal data editing
  • Advertising impressions statistic review
  • Notifications review


  • Advertising campaigns moderation (if required)
  • System new users moderation
  • Personal data editing


  • Advertising campaign creation and management
  • Payments and payment information management
  • Personal data editing
  • Notifications review


  • Advertising campaign creation and management
  • Targeting adjustment
  • Personal data editing
  • Advertisements demonstration (ad demonstration) statistic review all over the system
  • Notifications review

03 targeting

The targeting system, developed for the project, is intended for improving the advertising campaigns effectiveness. The targeting process is performed as per mapped squares – the ones size in cities is 2x2 km, the rest of the territory is covered with 10x10 km squares. Provider needs to set the targeting of his network during the connection to the platform. Our team has developed 3 ways for the targeting setting, such as IP addresses range indication for selected square, sequential list of IP addresses and/or ranges, file download with the indication of addresses and appropriate IP addresses (applicable for all squares). During the advertising campaign creation, an advertiser has an option of target squares selection for their demonstration or square sets selection such as all the country, region, city and district.


04 Notification system

Extensive notification system was developed for the platform. The users receive the notifications about their balance as well as the advertising campaigns balance, so that allows to be kept of their advertising campaigns state. The system includes 37 notification types. During the development of the notification system, our team has found interesting solution, which makes the system maximum effective for users. All notifications are received with the buttons for the instant respond depending on the message type. For example, if the user receives the notification about the low balance of the advertising campaign – the one is able to top up the balance instantly, so that is not necessary to go to the “advertising campaigns” section, look for the required campaign and only after that to top up the balance.


05 payment service

Payment service allows the users to top up the balance of their accounts, to divide money between the advertising campaigns, to control the debiting of money. The system performs the debiting of the users money for their ad demonstration. An administrator settles the advertising campaigns price at three stages, such as a total price, a customer price and an advertising campaign price. The total price means the settled price for all advertisers and their advertising campaigns. The customer price means that the administrator, if required, can settle a specific price of the ad demonstrations for the specific customer. The advertising campaigns price means that if the administrator settles the ad demonstration price for the advertising campaign so the settled price will be applied without regard to the total price or the price settled for customer.



Advertisers can create and edit ad campaigns. To do this, you need to specify the name of the campaign, add a link to which the interested user will enter and determine the targeting: select geographic regions for the people who will be shown ads, select the advertising campaign period and determine the budget of the advertising campaign; the budget can be changed during the delivery process. Advertising campaigns can be paused, you can also create drafts. As soon as the advertising campaign is created, it is sent to the moderation, where the advertising content is checked for the purpose of checking for compliance with the law. When an advertising campaign is approved, its demonstration starts. If the advertiser makes changes to the active advertising campaign, then it is suspended and sent for repeated moderation. The administrator has the ability to allow selected users to publish advertising without moderation. All actions are accompanied by notifications.



The given stage is represented by the following: discussion of the basic requirements to the system, statement of global tasks, setting business logic of the platform operation, choice of technologies, preliminary estimation of time and cost of the project.


At this stage, wireframes were created for all pages of the future product and detailed requirements list was compiled. In the requirements list, we described the operation of all the elements of the system and the interaction between them.

We are very scrupulous about preparing a technical assignment. This allows us to accurately plan the entire process and minimize the number of risks associated with the development of software. When developing the requirements list, we hold many meetings and negotiations, both with the customer and with the development team. As a result, we get a completely finished product on paper.



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07 additional info

Staff list
Stanton Lab Team Member Photo
Dziuman Volodimyr
  • Senior planner
  • project management lead
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Stanton Lab Team Member Photo
Anton Holovko
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Egor Nosach
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Dmitry Rusan
We delivered
Planning / Project Management / Art direction / UI UX Design / Technical Direction / Front-end development / Back-end development
Advertising platform for local businesses