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Mobile version for e-commerce

01 about the project

We needed to optimize the site for mobile devices while retaining the visibility and functionality of the full version.

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02 UI design


One of the tasks that we faced was to provide quick access to all the functionality of the site, in particular, to the goods. With the help of thoughtful menu and categorization, user can access any product or function of the site for the minimum number of actions.

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We have studied many options for implementing the function of comparing products for mobile devices. As a result, we stopped at a variant in which we limited the number of compared goods to two (and you can quickly change the choice of compared goods), which made it possible not to sacrifice the usability of this unit.

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Unconditional the most important function of any online store is the purchase of goods. We looked at several options for user stories and stopped at the simplest and shortest version that allows you to make a purchase with a few clicks.

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04 additional info

Staff list
Stanton Lab Team Member Photo
Dziuman Volodimyr
  • Senior planner
  • project management lead
Stanton Lab Team Member Photo
Dmitry Rusan
Stanton Lab Team Member Photo
Volodimyr Zarinchuk
  • project manager
V-Comp ltd.
We delivered
Planning / Project Management / Art direction / UI UX Design